Staging a home is essential when trying to sell a property. Staging provides the backdrop, so potential homeowners can see how each space can be used and imagine themselves as the new homeowners. It is believed that staging helps a home to sell quickly, reducing the amount of time a home is on the market and potentially resulting in a higher sales price. Below are five home staging trends in 2018 to help you make a quick sale.

1. Key Color Choices

For 2018, cream, white and beige is making a comeback. Keep color palettes neutral to stay on trend.

2. Dramatic Accent

Colors While light neutrals are making a comeback, accents should be a bright pop of color. From deep purple to hot pink, use a dramatic color as your accent when staging a home.

3. Mixing Metals

In the past, a home might have one metal type used in décor, be it platinum, gold or silver. Today, you can mix metals, creating a cohesive and modern look.

4. Natural Materials

Another big trend is using naturalmaterials in the décor of the home. Frombamboo and cork to reclaimed wood,natural materials can be used in a varietyof ways to stage the home.

5. Farmhouse Style

Thank HGTV for the latest trend ofFarmhouse Style. Homeowners now wantto see shiplap, barn doors and otherfarmhouse accents in the home.


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the property as a future home.

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